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Codes are a mechanic that were added on the update of April 10th, 2021. They can be only be found on the Twitter account @Grandmasfaves.

How to redeem codes

The 'Codes' button found on the Profile GUI.

The GUI when the player hits the 'Codes' button.

First, the player must click on the 'Profile' button, located on the left side of the screen. Then, the player must hit the 'Codes' button to access the code redeem GUI. Type the correct code in and the player will receive rewards.

Available codes

This is the list of codes that can be used. Please note these codes are not case-sensitive.

Code Name Reward Added On
grandmasfavouritefriend 1 random free Legendary Store May 1, 2021
legendary 1 random free Legendary Store April 9, 2021

List of expired codes

These are the codes that have EXPIRED. Do not try to redeem these codes.

Code Name Previous Rewards Expired On

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